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National City Water Heaters

New Water Heaters National City Plumbing would like to remind you that the seasons are changing again and you should have your water heater serviced. If we’re going from warm to cold or cold to warm, there is a potential impact on your hot water heater and your plumbing system in general that should be examined and addressed preventatively. If winter is upon us, are your pipes and hot water heater insulated and wrapped? If the summer is near and snow is melting away in the face of spring rains, are your drains clear and sump pump running properly or is your water heater at risk of being destroyed by flooding? 

Most people remember to winterize but very few think about the dangers that spring can pose to a plumbing system, a basement, or a water heater. Experience a flood just once and feel the bite of having to buy a new water heater. You’ll never forget again. It is just as important to have a National City plumber service your plumbing when winter is over as it is when the temperatures first start to plummet in the fall. Don’t get caught having to pay costly repair and installation fees because you didn’t know. You do know. We just told you. Call us to schedule a service call.  

National City Plumbing would also like to recommend that you replace any water heaters that are over ten years old. The newer models are far more energy efficient and will give you water pressure and Solar Water Heater Installation temperatures that you are not getting right now. It’s possible that you’ve never experienced the type of pressure and heat that the new models are able to produce. Check into the most recent UL listed water heaters and also look at the new solar powered water heaters if you’re interested in changing over to an alternate energy source. Give us a call if you have any questions.