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Blue Water ConditionerHave you ever walked by a plastics factory and seen the putrid waste in the water or the toxic smoke rising from the chimney? Can you smell the chemical taint in the air or taste that acrid flavor which makes you want to down a bottle of mouthwash? None of this is an exaggeration. There’s a reason why the plastics industry has most of their products manufactured in third world countries now. The environmental impact that plastic manufacturing has here in the United States is only outweighed by the impact of all those disposable plastic bottles being thrown into landfills. 

Why is a National City Plumbing company telling you all this? You’re drinking bottled water because you don’t feel comfortable drinking it out of the tap. We can install a water filtration or water softening system which will make that water far more tasty and healthy than that bottled water you’re drinking. Isn’t it time you stopped contributing to the contamination of our environment? We’re all guilty of it, but now we have no excuse. There’s an affordable alternative and one of our National City plumbers can install it in your home as early as tomorrow if you like. 

How many cases of bottled water do you go through on any given week? If you’re drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses a day, you’re burning through two and a third cases per week. That’s fifty-six plastic bottles going into a landfill somewhere. Even if you recycle, the petroleum used to make those bottles is still Filter installed in wallsubtracting from natural resources that are definitely not unlimited. It also takes three liters of regular water to make one liter of bottled water, so that natural resource is being wasted too. 

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